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 A Kiondo is a handwoven handbag typically made from sisal with leather detailing and handles. It is indigenous to the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes of Kenya. These Kenyan weavers begin by stripping the sisal plant's outer layers, leaving the plant still able to grow. The weaver uses threads from the pale coloured layers, that have dried out for a day to make a bag. They decide on the colours and design the pattern. The sisal fibres are coloured by adding them to the desired dye and bringing them to the boil. They are then left out in the shade to dry. Traditionally ladies have used natural colorants like certain tree bark or soil to create earthen shades of black, brown, grey and pale pinks and yellows. Textile dyes are now broadly being used in order to obtain bright colours. Two single threads are twined to form one strong thread. Many such threads are then woven. Sometimes they add recycled wool or plastic to the sisal. It is from these threads that a sisal bag is made. It can be quite a long process sometimes up to three weeks to complete a bag. Most weavers have to look after their households and families, therefore, weaving is done whenever they have the time. The money they make from their work is an additional source of income for them that they can invest in their farms, ensure their children's education and plan well for the future.

A Kiondo is both practical and beautiful - is perfect for storage of any kind such as in the laundry or bathroom, a cute little home for all your kid's toys or favourite indoor plant. A weekend getaway bag or market bag for all your fruit and veges or to take for a lazy day at the beach. 

Browse through all our different kiondos here, a combination of wool and sisal basket bags and also sisal and recycled plastic.

Every single one of them not only unique, functional and stylish but a vibrant work of art made with love all the way from Kenya.





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