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Bolga basket and hat weaving is a quintessential Ghanaian craft hailing from the country’s northern Bolgatanga region, where artisans use local elephant grass to create handwoven pieces. Our beautiful handwoven, fair-trade hats are called Bolga hats for this reason.

They are woven from a wild savanna grass called Kinkade or elephant grass and have a braided goatskin adjustable chin strap. Elephant grass grows surrounding waterholes in the Sahei region of West Africa. The strong slender leaves are harvested seasonally by the Fra Fra people of Northern Ghana. To start, the artisans soak the grass in water and then twist the strands together in small bunches to make them more durable. At this point, the artisans either hand-dye the grass or simply start weaving their magic!

Your purchase of this item helps to maintain the time-honoured craft of weaving while continuing a long-existing fair-trade relationship with these people. Every single one of these hats is not only unique, functional and stylish but a vibrant work of art made with love all the way from Ghana, Africa.

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