Elephant Grass Hat (S) 1
Elephant Grass Hat (S) 1

Elephant Grass Hat (S) 1

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Something for the Little Guys!

Beautifully made by the very skilful and talented artisan weavers of Bolgatana in Ghana, Africa.

Every hat is completely unique. No two are the same.

Perfect for those long hot summer days, to keep the little ones covered up.

Strong, durable and flexible. It will last a lifetime!


Approx 56cm.

Circumference taken inside base of hat.

Crown depth varies from hat to hat

Small sized brim width approx 5cm


Made of 100% Elephant Grass.

Can be reshaped to fit perfectly to your child's head by wetting with water, reshaping and allowing to dry.

More suited for ages 6 and upwards.